From the Desk of Judge Rickye McKoy-Mitchell

As I reflect upon and continue to be proud of our campaign, I think about the true meaning of #FacesNotJustCases. I met faces all across the great state of North Carolina and sought a seat at the North Carolina Court of Appeals because of the faces behind the thousand of cases I have presided over in District Court. I still believe North Carolina deserves judges with Experience, Fairness, Commitment and Respect.

I was encouraged by and greatly appreciated your prayers, words, and comments to me in person, emails, Facebook posts, Instagram and Twitter pages. I am greatful to my family, friends, endorsers, campaign volunteers and suporters who have given of their time, talent and treasures as well as the 2,000,000 plus voters who made sure thir voices and votes were heard and mattered. I am still honored to continue to serve you as a District Court Judge and am still comited to continue to see, “faces and not just cases.”

Thank you North Carolina! Thank you for continuing to belive in me and in #FacesNotJustCases


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